Wednesday motivation

I am less than two weeks out from my next bodybuilding competition.   I am completely worn, mentally and physically. I’ve never actually been hit by a truck but I would imagine that it is similar to how I am feeling now. I wanted to write this to motivate others and in the process dig down deep and find a little motivation for myself.  Come April 12th I will compete in the Texas Shredder Classic, my fourth bodybuilding competition.  I just want to do my best.  I want to walk out onto that stage full of confidence knowing I gave it my all.  I owe that much to myself.  Three hours of working out at the gym may sound strenuous to some, but for me, that’s actually the easy part.  I love that part of training.  I love eating on my plan and counting macros.  The hard part for me is keeping my mental focus on myself and not comparing myself to the other competitors.  Pushing aside the voices in my head that tell me I’ll never make it.  That I’ll never get in good enough shape to earn my PRO card.  That with school, and being a mom I’ll never have the time to dedicate to this dream I have the same way single people do.  Or the voice that tells me I’ll never look as good as the twenty-something girls that have never had a baby.  Or the voices that tell me I’m being vain, or that I’m not being a good mom to want to pursue this kind of dream.  The voices that tell me that I’m really not that muscular and I’ll always have skinny legs (which is not a good thing to a bodybuilder by the way).  I have my moments of doubt too.  I guess we all do.  We can all be our own worst enemy every now and then.  I’ve experienced my fair share of negativity sure, but no one and I mean NO ONE is as ugly to me as I can be to myself.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there like this either.   I wonder why we do this to ourselves?  I receive compliments and encouragement on a consistent basis yet at times I allow my own negative thoughts to take presidence in my mind.  It’s high time I stopped that, and you stop it too.  1.) Keep it in perspective.  Ask yourself, who has actually told you these things?  It doesn’t really matter if your list of names is a mile long, but chances are you’ll probably only be able to name a few people that have been negative to you. 2.) Be your own best friend.  It’s not vain to tell yourself that you’re beautiful, talented, sexy, fun to be around and just overall a really, really cool person.  3.)  Find that go-to person that always motivates you, always encourages you no matter what and let them know what you need.  Heck, you can even message me if you need some encouragement.  I have my go-to people.   4.)  Encourage and compliment someone else.  This is an amazing tactic.  I absolutely love this one!  It is such an amazing feeling to know that you helped to brighten someone’s day.  You NEVER really know what someone else is going through and just smiling at them, saying hi or giving them a compliment just might completely turn around their not so good, very bad day.  Just a little hump day motivation to get you through the rest of the week and brighten your day.  I hope that I do that for at least one person that reads this, because if I have, then I accomplished my goal for the day.

As always, stay crazy, healthy & happy!


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I'm Leanna Jensen. I'm a NPC Bikini Competitor, Personal trainer, fitness writer and mother of two. I am on a mission to help and serve others by sharing my knowledge of all things health and fitness.

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