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When I began my “transformation” I was overwhelmed by anything fitness related. “What type of workouts should I be doing? How often and how long do I need to work out? Am I working out hard enough even though I am not so sore that I can’t walk the next day? Should I be drinking a protein shake? What supplements should I be taking? What brand of headphones do I buy? What type of workout clothes do I wear? Am I doing this exercise right? Are those people staring at me secretly laughing at me?” Yes, these were some of my ACTUAL thoughts. In my journey I have done almost a complete 180 in my approach, with exercise and nutrition. Some people I meet that see my progress pictures act like I have some magical secret I’m keeping all to myself. However, if someone forced me to pick just ONE thing that has given me the most and biggest LASTING results it would be this…

I started writing down everything I ate. 

-Start logging your food. Yes, life is all about the hand to mouth. We dig our graves with our teeth. You will hear from many fitness experts that the diet is 80%, which is true, but we can all eat healthfully for a day…or two…or even a week. But what about PERMANENT behavior change? How do we do that? For me, I would have never permanently changed my eating habits if my eyes hadn’t been opened.   First, I saw how incredibly boring and repetitive I was with my eating habits. I also saw how little cooking I did. I started writing down my food intake consistently in November of 2011. I still write it down to this day, only I’ve gotten a little more OCD with it. I write it down and track it on an app on my phone. I was still struggling with fat loss and the only conclusion I could come up with was that it had to be something with my diet, so then I created an excel spreadsheet tracking my food and carb%. Seriously, who does that kind of crazy crap??!!! Apparently I do. Here’s a picture of all my notebooks and my spreadsheet of my food tracking. image
If you are trying to get healthy or get fit I want to give you a challenge. Begin logging every bite, every morsel, every sip of whatever you put in your mouth for 30 days straight. Miss a day, no biggie, just pick up where you left off. Can’t remember? Do the best you can. You don’t have to get nearly as crazy as me in your food logging but just write down what you eat for 30 days and see what happens. In one of my classes we learned that individuals who did this showed a 50% improvement in their eating habits. True story. Why is this necessary? Because I would be willing to bet you that, like me, you are consuming about 30% more calories than you think and not eating nearly enough of what you should be eating.

-“Shut up and color!” “Put your head down and work you’re a$$ off.” “Just f*ing do it!” Forget everyone and everything and put in work! Stop worrying about if you have the right shoes, the right gym membership, if this is the coolest aerobics class, if everyone in the weight room is judging you. Forget it, dump it from your brain. Focus on you! It’s your LIFE, YOUR BODY. You only get one. In their efforts to make money, the fitness industry will overwhelm you with ads or products that may have you thinking that it’s that one thing missing from you life that’s keeping you from reaching your goals. Here’s a secret, IT’S NOT!!! Stop over complicating things and just get to work. You’re much smarter about your own body and own health than you give yourself credit. For example, if you didn’t care at all, you probably wouldn’t even be reading this, now would you? Have a specific question? You can always ask me.


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-Don’t give up, quit or give in. Don’t base what you’re going to do for the day on your feelings. If you let your feelings dictate your actions you won’t find yourself sticking with your goal. You HAVE to expect bumps in the road A LOT! I have LOTS of days where I feel like the only ones who understand me are coffee and Ed Sheeran. Those are the days I put on my headphones, put my hoodie over my head and avoid eye contact with anyone. It’s nothing personal, just what I gotta do to get through that day. I do it because sticking with a plan for success is more satisfying than giving into the negativity and mediocrity. Sure, it will feel uncomfortable at times, but stick with it. Believe in your own ability. Know WHAT you are and WHO you are. Don’t ever doubt yourself! Pay close attention now…if I had one superpower right now, it would be that I could come through your computer screen or phone and scream this at you right in your face so loud that it would permanently drown out the negative voices in your head that cause you to doubt yourself. Self doubt will kill your dreams faster than anything else. DO NOT EVER DOUBT YOURSELF! You can doubt that people will be there for you, that they really care about you. You can doubt that the sun will rise tomorrow but don’t ever doubt what you are capable of. You are amazing beyond what you could ever possibly imagine. That’s what I tell my children. That’s what I believe, of them, and of everyone. They need only to believe it for themselves in order to make it a reality. I have no magic secret I’m holding all to myself. In fact, I am brutally honest to a flaw at times, and want to share with everyone the changes I made that have brought me success to motivate and help others.


Think.Do.Be.crazy, healthy and happy 😉

Leanna JB

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I'm Leanna Jensen. I'm a NPC Bikini Competitor, Personal trainer, fitness writer and mother of two. I am on a mission to help and serve others by sharing my knowledge of all things health and fitness.

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