The Beginner Bikini program is a program I designed for the non-competitor, but that still wanted to a training style similar to a bikini competitor. This is a 3 month long training program that progresses in difficulty and intensity. Every single workout is different to keep up with muscle confusion. You will NEVER perform the same workout twice. I’ve included everything you need to know for the beginner to get started on a bikini training program. Also included, nutritional information as well as a sample diet. Each download of this ebook will include a FREE nutrition and fitness log to be mailed to you. Training facility is necessary for this program. You will also receive access to my instructional videos for the more difficult exercises. Purchase of this ebook will give you unlimited email or text access for questions related to training or nutrition.

The cost might seem high but consider that it only comes out to $8.00 per week to have a fully lined out weeks worth of workouts, nutrition information, video access and expert advise.