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We are now almost completely through the month of January. How are you all doing with sticking to your New Years resolutions? I’ll be honest. I’m not doing as well as I had hoped. I have extreme discipline with what food I put into my mouth, but not so great at controlling what comes out of it. One of my resolutions was to be friendlier to people, particularly at the gym and at school.   I am actually a very cool person (if I may say so myself). I have a great sense of humor and I am a very good friend.  I am helpful, and very considerate to others.  But sometimes I don’t smile.  I don’t make eye contact with people and avoid conversation if I happen to be feeling insecure that day.  So one of my resolutions was to smile, make eye contact, and make more of an effort to communicate more face to face with others. I read that most people are much more successful with their resolutions if they center them around helping others rather than just helping themselves.  I told my son about my resolutions & and just FYI he’s the person to tell if you want someone to hold you accountable.  At least twice, he’s asked me “hey mom, were you friendlier today at the gym?” Yesterday I had to tell him “no, Baxter, quite the opposite. I was very unfriendly.” But the great part is that it’s never too late to start over. On that note, so are you ready to let me help you yet? Maybe you’ve done well so far sticking to your resolutions. Tell someone. Let them congratulate you & be specific. You might be shy to tell anyone about a few pound weight loss or just a couple of weeks of good gym attendance but it doesn’t matter. Celebrate those small victories. Let others congratulate  you. If you’re feeling you need help with anything, just ask me. I titled this blog post “live with passion” because I’m passionate about my healthy lifestyle and I’m passionate about helping others reach their goals. Steve Jobs said to find your passion and make it your career. He also said that if he didn’t know what his passion was he would’ve taken a job as a busboy until he discovered what it was he was passionate about. I found mine and I whole-heartily believe this is the path God put before me, to help others. Of all the great loves in my life, this is one of them. I don’t get up before dawn to workout because my trainer tells me to. I do it because I love it.  I love how eating healthfully has made me feel. I love how it has changed my physique and also my life.  I changed my major to nutrition because I love it. I don’t expect everyone to share the same level of excitement for all things health & fitness like I do. Maybe you’re passionate about taking care of your family, or about your job. Thing is, I can’t think of anything someone wants to do or pursue in life that wouldn’t benefit from living a healthier lifestyle.

Thinking about living with passion, I want to know what your big, crazy, audacious dream is.  Here’s mine. I would love to be a trainer on “The Biggest Loser” and I want to be on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Hers.  That’s right, not the chick halfway through the magazine posing with instructions on how to use a kettlebell. No, I want to be the chick on the cover.  Just like Dianna Dahlgren.  First, because I think  she’s beautiful but also because she seems very real and down-to-earth.  I figure all I have to do is ask, right?  Ask and you shall receive???  They publish new magazines all the time, I’m sure they’re always looking for a new fresh face to put on the cover.  My son was actually the one who told me I should be a trainer on Biggest Loser.  He told me to just send in my application.  However, I’ve read that with goal setting you don’t write down what you hope to do, write down what you are GOING to do or GOING to become.  So, here goes.  I WILL be on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Hers one day.

I was also inspired by the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson.  I read an article about him that talks about how he has his daily goals written down and posted in his locker.  First one on the list is to always believe in himself.   He’s been pretty successful this season, not a bad idea to maybe copy that idea.  So, number one, always believe in myself.  It doesn’t matter if other people believe in me if I don’t believe in myself also.  “The mind is everything.  What you think, you become.”  As always, stay crazy, healthy, and happy! 🙂


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I'm Leanna Jensen. I'm a NPC Bikini Competitor, Personal trainer, fitness writer and mother of two. I am on a mission to help and serve others by sharing my knowledge of all things health and fitness.

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  1. Hillary January 25, 2014 at 7:18 pm - Reply

    Great resolution Leanna! Thanks for posting! I have the same issue, I get in a “zone” of I’m working out, I’m grocery shopping, I’m looking for this particular shoe and suddenly realize 4 stores later I haven’t smiled or said hi to anyone. And like you it’s not because I’m unfriendly or mean. So I’ve been trying give a compliment or say something nice to at least one person where ever I am. As an effort to not be too intent on what I’m doing and pay attention to those around me. I’m loving it when the cashier brightens up and gives me a big smile when I tell her that her manicure is so pretty!

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