Gym Etiquette Vol 2

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Back by popular demand and in the good ol’ new years resolutions spirit, I thought this would be appropriate. This is not an all inclusive list, just a few pointers I gathered from some workout buddies of mine.

IMG_3282Interrupt someone in the middle of their set

When you walk into the gym and you see a buddy that’s in the middle of tricep extensions, the two of you make eye contact, in which case the head nod is totally appropriate.  Heck, go ahead and wave. However, if a stranger is doing squats and in the middle of their set you walk up and tap them on the shoulder and ask if it’s a good lower back workout. That’s kinda rude. Waiting until that person has completed their set and taking a rest would be a much better time to ask them a question.  Just sayin’

Using dumbbells right in front of the dumbbell rack and mirror

It’s always polite to NOT workout with your dumbbells so close to the rack that other people can’t even make their way to the rack without almost getting smashed in the face with a 15lber. I tried to give you a demonstration video but had a leg workout to do with my sister and ran out of time.  Just take your dumbbells a safe distance away from the rack and be aware of your surroundings before you go swinging them in the air.


IMG_3349Vulturing behind someone on a piece of machinery

People do this to me quite frequently when I’m using the squat rack. I find it to be extremely obnoxious. Mainly because when someone is using something that I need to use, what do I do? I go do another exercise and come back when I see that there is a free one. I don’t stand behind them, arms folded tapping my foot. That’s rude!

Congregating with a group of friends on machinery for extended periods of time

Just because there are sweaty bodies everywhere doesn’t mean we are “in da club”. We all have friends at the gym, people we want to talk to. This does not mean you have a big reunion right around the gym equipment that lasts longer than 30 minutes. Sorry, but these are the types of things that scare people away from gyms. It is inconsiderate to tie up equipment when you are not using it for it’s intended purpose.

photo 1(my favorite comedian)

For fear of coming across as a “gym snob” I’d like to also include a list of things you SHOULD do at the gym.

Wear whatever the hell you want!
If you like to wear the super hero shirt to the gym, then go for it!  (those are awesome) If you feel like wearing sweats and a hoodie in the dead heat of summer, wear it. Lots of gyms have rules about hats, shoes, etc. I find most of these rules obnoxious and sort of ridiculous. Mainly because I feel that if it doesn’t affect someone else, then why should it matter what I wear?  But whatever….guess I should just open up my own gym if I don’ t like the rules.

Make it your own!
Do your own thing and don’t give a crap about what anyone thinks of you. Find what works for you and OWN IT!!! Go be the queen of the stepmill, or be the king of leg press. So you found an exercise that is highly effective but looks absolutely ridiculous doing it….DO IT! People stare, WHO CARES! You are there for YOU!  That’s all that matters.

Smell nice
This one might get me in a little bit of trouble……. but there’s usually LOTS of complaining about fellow gym goers strong smelling cologne, perfume, lotions, or deodorant. I’m going to be completely honest here…..doesn’t bother me. one. little. bit. That is all……

Forget all the stupid Planet fitness commercials that promote “fit shaming” and stereotypes about avid gym goers. You know the type of people that I want to workout with? People that have manners and that are there to actually workout. That’s it! I could care less about what you’re wearing or the exercises you’re doing. Gyms are meant for EVERYONE.  Don’t let your physical condition at the present moment affect your confidence level to walk into a gym, ask someone for help and get started.  EVERYONE had to start somewhere. I would walk someone in, hold their hand, and stay right by their side the entire time for their first few workouts until they felt comfortable.  That’s how important it is to me that no one be too intimidated to go workout at a gym.

I’m here for you, babe!

Crazy, healthy & happy 😉


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I'm Leanna Jensen. I'm a NPC Bikini Competitor, Personal trainer, fitness writer and mother of two. I am on a mission to help and serve others by sharing my knowledge of all things health and fitness.

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