Why you didn’t reach your fitness goal for 2017

As we begin counting down the days to the end of 2017 let me ask a question. How many of you reading this are pleased with yourselves for reaching the fitness goals you set in 2017? How many of you had big plans for the year only to fall off the proverbial wagon in February, never to get back on? Some of you reading this may be starting to sink back into that pit of self-loathing right about now. “Whoa is me, I always do this over and over. I’m worse off than when I started.” Sound familiar?




I am an overflowing fountain of motivation. However, at times I feel the best approach is a little tough love. And rather than call it tough love, lets just call it what it really is and that is truth. Everyone wants the truth but no one really wants to hear the truth.


So here’s a heavy dose for you.


You wanted it to be easy. You are an entitled spoiled brat.

You thought you give a D effort and receive A+ results.

You cancelled on workouts more than you actually completed workouts. You didn’t give up the wine like you said you would. You would stick to a new eating plan on weekdays but when the weekend rolled around, you threw caution to the wind and ate at your leisure because hey, you EARNED it right? No! That’s not how it works.

Most people would rather spend hundreds of dollars on a pill that delivers immediate results rather than put in the hard work, effort and discipline required. Don’t be like “most people” OK!

So here’s where you start:


1.) Admit you wanted it to be easy.

Go ahead, admit that it’s true. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by becoming more self-aware. All of us are guilty of it, myself included. It’s typical human nature that we choose the path of least resistance. The difference is that the ones that are willing to admit to those tendencies are best at changing them. So if you want to REALLY make a change this year and transform your body. Take the first step by admitting that you hoped it to be easy. That doesn’t make you a bad person undeserving of good things. All that makes you is human.



2.) Accept that it’s going to be tough. When I say tough, I mean REALLY freaking tough. I’m talking pain, physical, mental, emotional. All of those, yes. In fact, the physical pain you feel will probably end up being the least of your worries in the whole scheme of things. You’ll question whether of not you’re doing things right. You’ll question if you’re nuts or not. You’ll probably pout when you can’t indulge in sweets and alcohol as often as you used to. You’ll have moments where you question whether or not it’s really all worth it. But guess what! That’s part of it! Sheesh! Do you really think if it were all that easy everyone would be in amazing shape. The temptation to quit will always be the strongest right before you experience success and see serious progress. Accept that fact and anticipate the discomfort. It will make it that much more bearable.


3.) Commit and keep your promise to yourself.

You can make a choice while reading this article to change your life for the better. Right now! You can decide and be in complete and total control of your next move. You don’t need to ask anyone else’s permission. Make that choice for yourself and keep your promise. It’s your body and your skin you walk around in all day long so those promises you make to yourself to take care of your body should be as important to you as any other promise you’ve made in your life.


These are just a few mental steps you need to take in order to totally transform your life. Although I can’t prove it, I would be willing to say that no one has ever experienced significant progress without taking these steps. I can honestly say that I wasn’t able to. So, here’s where the encouragement comes in. You CAN do it! You are worth it! And just because you’ve fallen off the wagon and quit more times that you can count does NOT mean you’ll never be successful. Forget the self-pity and self-loathing! 2018 is going to be a new year full of new opportunities and challenges for everyone. Make this year the year you stick to those resolutions. No one is going to step in and save you. You have to do it for yourself. Life is too short to not feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Stop thinking of a healthy fit body as the end goal. Think of it only as the vehicle to get you to all your other goals. You are too important and have too much good to do in the world to allow crummy self esteem issues hold you back from doing that good work. Make 2018 the year you changed your life.

About the Author:

I'm Leanna Jensen. I'm a NPC Bikini Competitor, Personal trainer, fitness writer and mother of two. I am on a mission to help and serve others by sharing my knowledge of all things health and fitness.

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